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Perceptions Survey of Litter Hotspots – with the help of our Ambassadors

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The Dolphin Research Institute is one of eleven organisations working on the Litter Hotspots project under the Cleaner Yarra and Port Phillip Action Plan.

The photo above shows DRI’s Education Officer Neil Chirgwin helping with the survey for an attendee at the City of Kingston’s Sustainability Workshop held in January this year.

Reducing stormwater pollution is one of the most important things we can do to protect our dolphins and their environment.

DRI is leading a social research project to better understand the community’s perception Yarra Docklands litter 2L-75%of our bay and their contribution to stormwater pollution.

The project is very much a partnership with the City of Kingston, Mornington Peninsula Shire, Bayside City Council and Manningham City Council. An exciting part of the survey is that our ‘i sea, i care’  Ambassadors are helping us to achieve our target of more than 2000 respondents.

Because the results of this study will shape “communication actions” for the Cleaner Yarra and Port Phillip Action Plan, this means that our young leaders will be contributing something very tangible to the future of our bay.

April, 2014

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