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Impactful long-term research on Victoria’s dolphins and whales since 1991.

A leader in marine conservation in Victoria, we pride ourselves on conducting collaborative, ethical and sound scientific research to achieve the best outcomes for our dolphins, whales and their marine environment.

Here at the Dolphin Research Institute, we’ve been researching Victoria’s dolphin and whale populations for over 30 years! Our work is much like that of a detective’s – putting together the many pieces of a puzzle to understand how we can best protect our marine treasures.

Focusing on the Port Phillip, Western Port and central Bass Strait regions, we monitor our dolphin and whale populations by capturing and analysing ID photos of dolphin fins and whale flukes (tails). Like a human fingerprint, each fin and fluke is unique and can be used to identify individual animals. Every ID image taken helps us build a bigger picture of population sizes, associations of individuals, calving rates and success, and other important measures that are crucial to the ongoing protection of our dolphins and whales.

We always aim to conduct impactful research here at DRI, where our efforts can create change and inform important environmental management decisions. Did you know that in 1996 we helped establish the world’s first ‘sustainable dolphin swim’ regulations? This changed the way in which the industry operated and set the standard for dolphin swims all around the world. The regulations behind this change remain in place today – a true testament to DRI’s leadership and outreach!

If you would like to assist in our research, please report any dolphin or whale sightings through Pod Watch here.