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Being a Two Bays Tracker is an easy way to report sightings of dolphins and large whales and contribute to creating positive impacts for cetaceans during this time of rapid environmental change.

The Two Bays Tracker program is the only long-term, independent and secure portal where citizen scientists can be confident that their data is used to provide up-to-date and publicly available understandings about cetaceans, aiding wildlife managers in making informed decisions.

Reports of large whales are entered into the respected Two Bays Whale Project database, and our researchers validate every report to ensure the integrity of every sighting. All data held within the Two Bays Whale Project database are publicly available in the form of annual reports and data analysis, which are publicly available on our website.

See below for more frequently asked questions.

Why report my sightings to Two Bays Tracker?

How is my Two Bays Tracker data used?

Who has access to Two Bays Tracker data?

All submissions to Two Bays Tracker appear as data in annual reports which are available to anyone from school students to stakeholders to government, other scientists and even corporate organisations. What isn’t available publicly is the fine-scale detail in the data (including your personal information), this remains the intellectual property of the contributor and is accessible only by formal request to that contributor.

What about my privacy?

I have another question about Two Bays Tracker?

If you have more questions about Two Bays Tracker, how this data is used or your privacy, please get in contact with us here.