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As a small not-for-profit conservation organisation, our resources and manpower are greatly limited. We are incredibly appreciative of our wonderful citizen science community who not only provide us with valuable dolphin and whale sighting data, but also dedicate their time by participating in our citizen science programs.

The information provided by our citizen scientists contributes to our understanding of Victoria’s dolphins, whales and their marine environment, and how we can best protect them. 

Our current citizen science programs include:

Pod Watch and Two Bays Whale Project

An easy-to-use web-based app for reporting impromptu dolphin and/or whale sightings in Victorian waters that can be used by anyone at any time here. This project provides us with information about the species in our bays, their abundance, behaviour and any interactions with humans, vessels and/or terrestrial animals that may occur. No training is required.


Pod Surveyor (Western Port and Port Phillip Bay)

Aimed at obtaining a better understanding of our dolphin populations in both Western Port and Port Phillip Bay, these projects require observers to undergo targeted land-based surveys at designated sites. Surveys are of varied lengths, occur in different sighting conditions and times of the day to provide us with data on population size, individuals, behaviour and interactions with humans, vessels and/or terrestrial animals. 


Two Bays Tracker

This project is an extension of the Two Bays Whale Project but takes a more targeted approach, enabling us to quantity survey effort. Dedicated observers throughout the Western Port and Port Phillip regions are selected to participate during the Victorian whale season, conducting land-based whale surveys at various times of the day and in different sighting conditions.