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The Dolphin Research Institute (ABN: 73097317112) is an Australian marine conservation organisation based at the Western Port Marina in Hastings, Victoria.

Contact numbers for dolphin or whale emergencies – DELWP: 1300 136 017 / 136 138

For injured seals – AGL Marine Response Unit: 1300 245 678

For more information about education programs click here. To book, click here.

Please note: Sections of this site have been developed as a resource for school and other educational projects. You are welcome to use any of the information or photographs on this site for educational, non-commercial purposes.

The Institute is not able to mail out any further information for school projects. If you have any questions about topics not covered on the site, please contact us and we will do our best to answer them.

Mailing address
Dolphin Research Institute
PO Box 77
Hastings Vic 3915
Physical address
DRI is located in the Western Port Marina, off Mullet St, Hastings. Melref:154K:12
Telephone: (03) 5979 7100