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Help protect our dolphins and whales

Adopting a dolphin is one of the most special ways you can help to protect Victoria’s most loved creatures and their marine environment.

The $98 membership supports our Research, Education and Leadership programs.

Choose your dolphin family

Meet five very special members of Port Phillip’s remarkable family of common dolphins.

Why are they remarkable? Well everywhere else in the world this species live in the open ocean, sometimes in super pods of many thousands.

Our research team first discovered them in our bay in 2005. Since then the community has grown to well over fifty. The rest of world is looking at our common dolphins with amazement.

Join us as a hero for our dolphins and whales.


was named in honour of a very special supporter. Violet was first seen in Port Phillip in 2015. In early 2020, she became a first-time mum and spent the next one and a half years raising her young calf in the protected waters of the Bay…



is one of Port Phillip’s first remarkable common dolphins (Delphinus dephis), having first been seen in 2005. She is a champion mother, having her first known calf in 2005…



is one of Port Phillip’s first common dolphins (Delphinus delphis), having first been seen in 2005. In fact she is dolphin #1 in our catalogue of over 150 common dolphins…


“Tall Fin”

is one of Port Phillip’s first common dolphins (Delphinus delphis), having been first been seen in 2006. He is dolphin #4 in our catalogue and has been seen on surveys every year since 2006…



is one of Port Phillip’s common dolphins (Delphinus delphis) and one of the few males we know in this community. He was born in 2012 to a mother we call Square Notch.  In 2013, DD suffered an injury to his dorsal fin…


Adopt-A-Dolphin supporters are the heart of our organisation

This is what they say…

"We Adopt-A-Dolphin because we trust the team and believe in the work to protect marine life and the bays."

"We have been part of the DRI family for over 20 years now, and love the visionary approach."

"It has and continues to be such a rewarding journey."