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Adopt a dolphin


Poke is one of Port Phillip’s remarkable common dolphins (Delphinus dephis).

She is a champion mother having five calves since she was first identified in 2005. They were in 2005, 2012, 2017, 2019 and 2023.

One of Poke’s earlier calves was injured in its first year, possibly by a propeller. The fact that the calf survived is a credit to Poke and the health of the calf.

We know they are mothers by finding them repeatedly in photographs with a little calf, like this one here. (Poke is in the background). When calves are first born, they have light stripes on their bodies called foetal folds, which are left from creases in their skin as a result of being curled up before birth. These folds fade completely by 4 months. The presence of folds on Poke’s calf in this photo tells us that this little calf is only weeks old.

Adopt-A-Dolphin is a wonderful gift for a loved one, yourself and of course, our dolphins and bays.

DRI gives dolphins a voice - our family a voice - and a positive way to support marine life and conservation.

Loyal donor.

Adopt-A-Dolphin members receive a certificate with a glorious image of Poke on the front (as above) with more information about Poke and our other resident dolphins on the back. Packs also include our most recent Snapshots, whale and dolphin information and a Dolphin Distancing sticker. Child packs include a dolphin moneybox and a sun hat.

Membership is for 12 months and is comprised of a $10 membership and a $88 tax-deductible gift. On the anniversary of joining, we send an invitation to renew support, which can be sent to you or the recipient of your gift, depending on your choice. (Postage is additional, if you chose to have a package delivered).

Adopt-A-Dolphin supporters become Associate Members of the Dolphin Research Institute and receive news, updates and VIP invitations to Institute events and more!

Watch DRI rescue an entangled calf in Port Phillip.