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Thank you for committing to respecting our whales while on the water.

Whale Distancing is all about giving our whales respect and space on the water.

It’s just like ‘Neighbourhood Watch’, but for dolphins and whales.

Rather than the usual signs on boat ramps, calls for more policing, or blaming and shaming, we’re taking a new approach that is a world-first for behaviour-change around whales and is known to have worked in other situations.

You can help us build a caring community committed to creating a safer environment for whales, who encourage others to do the same and feel empowered to call out those who break the rules. 

It’s easy – don’t approach whales closer than 200m (boats including paddled craft), 300m (Jet Skis) or 50m (swimmers). It’s fine if whales approach you – enjoy the experience but don’t follow.

Breaches should be reported to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Make your commitment below and receive a sticker to proudly display on your vessel, reinforcing your pledge.