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You can imagine the watchful mother dolphin (above) keeping a close eye on her little newborn calf. It’s amazing to see these little guys work so hard to keep up with mum with what seems to be six flukes for every one of their mum’s! It also takes a while for them to progress from jerky belly-flops to graceful leaps.

Port Phillip has at least seven calves born in the first half of 2022. It is a remarkable success story spanning three dolphin generations. Many of their cousins born in Adelaide and Perth do not survive – it’s too late for them.

This is why our long-term programs are so crucial here – to empower action and to find answers to crucial questions now – before it’s also too late.

How are the numbers going? Are the calves surviving and reproducing successfully? Are there issues to be concerned about? What’s going on with their environment? What education, behaviour-change and other programs are needed? Where is the next generation of environmental leaders and scientists coming from?

Future generations face climate and population growth extremes, making our programs even more important in the decades to come. 

Read more about what your support is helping to achieve in the posts below – particularly the post about our Research Fellow.

Your support of the Future Generations Appeal will give us the power to address more crucial questions and to create new Fellowships for research, education and behaviour change. 



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