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Has your world turned brown?

Imagine if your world turned brown every time it rains – it does for our dolphins.

But the colour is only the tip of the stormwater “iceberg” which carries sediment, nutrients, toxins, chemicals and litter, all washed from our gardens, driveways, roads and drains, into our dolphins’ home.

After extreme storms recently, the EPA closed every Port Phillip beach to swimming.

“Unfit for humans” – after sewage and the spoils of our lives in the suburbs, were flushed into the bay.

It’s also unfit for most life – especially our dolphins at the top of the food chain. Their health reflects the health of their environment.

This is clear from the tragic situation for dolphins in South Australia (above), forcing the government to announce an inquiry into deaths in their Dolphin Sanctuary.

  • Dolphin sightings in the Sanctuary have dropped by 30% in the last five years.
  • Eight male dolphins have died since 2020.
  • No calves have lived beyond 3 years since 2019.

Our current data for Port Phillip dolphins has positive signs. A growing population with excellent calf survivorship that are now successfully reproducing themselves.

However, ecosystems and wildlife communities can flip suddenly. Port Phillip has a history of toxic algal blooms, and we have seen skin disease on our dolphins.

This is why our long-term integrated programs are crucial, to empower action and answer crucial questions now before we need an inquiry like South Australia’s. The posts below provide a snapshot of how our programs work together.

Your generous gift to the Future Generations Appeal is an investment in the future of our dolphins and whales, their environment and the next generation of environmental leaders and scientists.


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