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We had another fantastic ICHAT session in celebration of National Science Week with Kade Mills, the ReefWatch Coordinator at the Victorian National Parks Association talking all things Weedy seadragons! Kade had the Ambassadors totally engrossed as he talked about his science journey, the biology of our local seadragons, and the issues that these majestic animals face in association with climate change, alongside increasing marine and coastal development.  Kade empowered the students with ways they can help the seadragons, including joining the citizen science project Dragon Quest to monitor the abundance of our local populations at the Flinders and Portsea locations.  Once again the Ambassadors peppered our speaker with some amazing questions, and they cannot wait to go snorkelling when the weather warms up to visit the dragons!  Thanks so much to Kade for giving up his time to enlighten our Ambassadors on the importance of protecting the Weedy seadragon!  If you missed the session, Mandy will email your parents/carers a recording of our National Science Week ICHAT sessions, and if you would like more information regarding Dragon Quest do not hesitate to contact the VNPA via their website.

Last but not least we look forward to our final session this afternoon (Thursday 19th August) with Damon Gameau, the director of the amazing documentary 2040, which focuses on the ways humanity could reverse global warming and improve the lives of all of us!

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