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Our Ambassadors were in for a real treat for our final presentation for National Science Week with Damon Gameau! In a time of uncertainty, Damon gave all of us an overwhelming sense of HOPE as he discussed all the amazing climate-positive innovations and developments going on around the world right NOW such as solar-powered communities and forest cities such as the one pictured!

We also discussed Carbon offsets and Damon made a great point about onsets and doing more than the bare minimum. This is really a reflection on big companies but there are ways out there for individuals to get involved too. The first rule is to try and reduce emissions but there is a search engine called Ecosia that plants trees when you use it and a couple of Australia-based projects called Greenfleet and Reforest that you can offset grocery bills, utility bills, etc.

And old-fashioned letters to your local MP really do still work, especially if they get many letters regarding the same issues. These politicians can’t ignore what their electorate is saying. Another app that is great for viewing your household uses in terms of emissions is  Climate Clever.  There may be a small cost per year but some councils have a 50% co-contribution.

Next year Damon will be screening his new film, Regenerating Australia, and also look out for a new website/platform called The Regenerators in October.

What a fantastic week of ICHAT sessions we have had for National Science Week!!  Keep a lookout for our next ICHAT coming up next Wednesday (25th August) and as always if you missed any of our sessions they are emailed to your parent/carers and ISIC coordinators.  Thanks for attending and we will see you soon!


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