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Our ISIC Marine Ambassadors had a fantastic ICHAT yesterday listening to Ecologist Lauren talk about her amazing PhD research on Phillip Island’s gorgeous Little Penguins!  The Ambassadors were glued to their screens as Lauren explained the principles of Ecology, how ecological relationships impact the penguins, including how humans have influenced their growth and behaviour, and how Lauren and her team are developing real-time solutions to help the penguins deal with the effects of Climate Change!  The Ambassadors had so many interesting questions and we were so proud as Lauren commented on their deep engagement, insightful questions and creative suggestions for helping the penguins in a changing climate!

For Ambassadors that missed the session do not fear, Mandy will be emailing teachers and parents/carers a copy of the video!  Stay tuned for our next ICHAT this afternoon as we hear from the wonderful Kade Mills from the Victorian National Parks Association about all things Weedy seadragons!

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