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This fantastic global initiative organised by Good Will Nurdle Hunting calls on communities far and wide to take part! Following is the summary from the Great Global Nurdle Hunt Page:
“The Great Nurdle Hunt is calling on everyone from individuals, to groups, and organisations across the world to take part in the #GreatGlobalNurdleHunt during October 2021 (1-31st). We would love to see as many people as possible get involved in #NurdleHunt throughout the month of October.
As you may recall Warrnambool experience a big Nurdle ‘spill’ in November 2017. This event is a great opportunity to see just how many nurdles are still out there in our local environment.
The Great Nurdle Hunt is a citizen science engagement project that aims to raise awareness of plastic pellet (nurdle) pollution and build evidence of the extent of this problem globally. Taking part is easy, fun, and contributes valuable data, illustrating worldwide nurdle pollution. FIDRA will then use this data as evidence to take to government and industry to show that this is a problem, lots of people care, and to encourage work towards a coordinated solution.
Key information:
Launch: 1st October 2021
Ends: 31st October 2021
Hashtags: #GreatGlobalNurdleHunt (the main hashtag for this campaign)
Who to tag: Organisers: @Greatnurdler (Twitter and Instagram) @nurdlehunt (Facebook) @FidraTweets
Learn more about Fidra’s work on Solutions to global pellet loss
Helpful resources, including promotional poster, ID sheet, and images
How to do a Nurdle Hunt: Hunting for nurdles is fun and taking part is easy. By joining in you are helping to end plastic pellet pollution.
All you need to do is tell us how many nurdles you found, where you found them, how long you were hunting, and how many people took part.
Head to your chosen location in October
Count and record the number of nurdles
Record the number of people hunting
Record how long you were hunting (minimum 10 minutes)
Submit data online at
Note: We encourage you to submit your findings even if you don’t find any nurdles. A nurdle hunt that found 0 nurdles is important information too!
We want to know how many nurdles were on the beach, not how many you were able to collect. If there are too many to count, give us your best estimate. Our largest category is >1000 nurdles”
We would love to see photos of you and your communities hunting for nurdles on your local beaches this October. Please send photos to and help us spread awareness about the nurdle issue

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