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We must all sit up and take notice of this amazingly insightful poem from 10-year-old Josephine from Kunyung Primary School.
ocean breeze, seven seas
seagulls sore, crashing waves roar
whales sing among the kelp
when really they’re yelling for help
plastic rules the ocean,
fish slowly die –
they must be wondering why.
We’re the problem you see…
Yes you and me
this is no joke
neither an attempt to provoke
billions of animals die
don’t you hear them cry?
(Shared with permission from Mum @MagdalenaVictoria)
Josephine we are so inspired by your brave action to raise environmental awareness by communicating your thoughts and concerns in this beautiful poem! We also celebrate Kunyung Primary School as one of our long-term ‘i sea i care’ Marine Ambassador schools for their fantastic support of environmental leaders such as Josephine!
If you would like more information on our ISIC or any other of our education programs please contact Education Director Mandy Robertson on

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