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International Whaling Commission Case Study on Dolphin Tourism in Victoria

By 16/11/2018January 16th, 2022No Comments

A case study on the management of dolphin tourism in Port Phillip is featured in Whale Watching Handbook published by the International Whaling Commission and the Convention on Migratory Species.

The publication aims at providing the industry, regulators and the general public with the best information to ensure that the sustainability of whale watching around the world. It’s estimated that 13 million people go whale watching each year, spending over $2 billion.

The case study about our Port Phillip dolphin tours follows the history of the establishment of regulations in the 1990’s and the ongoing ‘Adaptive Management’ aimed at increasing compliance to minimise the impacts on our resident dolphins.

The Dolphin Research Institute is proud to have played a key leadership role in the development of the legislation and regulations in the 1990’s.

We led the establishment of a forum with tour operators and the government to develop a code of practice which later morphed into the first regulations.

DRI conducted research during the 1990’s to answer critical questions that informed the amendments to the Wildlife Regulations in 1997 and the subsequent regulations and licensing. Victoria led the world in the management of dolphin tourism.

The regulations have been reviewed in 2008 and again now in 2018, providing ongoing improvements to protect our dolphins.

You can read the DRI’s submission to the current review HERE. 

You can read the IWC Report HERE.

The images at the top of the page show Moonraker Dolphin Swims operating in Port Phillip Bay. Moonraker supports DRI’s ‘i sea, i care‘ Ambassador Program and also donates a dolphin swim tour for new members of our Adopt-A-Dolphin Program.





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