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This remarkable vision was shared by one of our citizen scientists from a location near Dromana last week.

The report says, “There was a bit of a drop off from the foreshore which allowed them to sweep through and feast. I certainly had my happy Friday face on”.

The bottlenose dolphins are herding salmon along the shore to make them easier to catch.

We hope it gives you a “happy Friday face” too!

Our bay’s dolphins skillfully use sandbars and beaches to herd their prey and seem to cope very well in the shallows without becoming stranded.

Dolphins have trained fishers in some parts of the world to hold up nets, to corral fish. The people think the dolphins are helping them to catch fish!

A special thank you to Helen for submitting her exciting sighting. Especially for being one of the first to use the new sighting form.

Your sightings of dolphins and whales are very important to help build an understanding of their movements and behaviours in our waters.

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  • Thanks for the great video clip. They were at it again this morning feeding like crazy on a small (don’t know the species) of fish just south of Dromana Pier before sweeping in a big school of salmon right up to Dromana beach!

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