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Having a Whale of a Time

Eyes as wide as saucers, mouths agape – the look on children’s faces when they first see our whale in their school is unforgettable.

Creating unforgettable experiences is the goal of all our marine education programs – experiences with stories about our southern marine life that teachers can build on when they return to their classrooms.

There is a massive need for quality marine education in Victorian schools that focuses on the magnificent Great Southern Reef that stretches across our southern coast.

The forests of kelp and the kaleidoscope of colourful species need to be appreciated and protected from the impacts of climate change and coastal pollution.

Images of our programs on this page share some of the experiences we offer.

Our Whale Out of Water program, with children inside the whale, to truly appreciate the scale (top and inset).

The heads-down journey of discovery with Mandy, our Education Director, on a rocky shore (above left).

The fabulous Seagrass game, where the children role-play fish who are safe from the hungry dolphin when they are inside the “seagrass hoops”. When the seagrass hoops all die, and there is nowhere to hide, the fish are all eaten (above right)!

Our programs are uniquely informed by our research and delivered by a team of trained teachers with over ten decades of combined experience.
We also run adult programs for groups in our centre in Hastings.

Don’t let your children miss out!