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In the heart of Newtown (Geelong) lies a fantastic reserve called Balyang Sanctuary. Recently, Ambassadors from the Greater Geelong region gathered there for a day all about litter and pollution and how it affects the waterways.

The Ambassadors spent the morning testing water for oxygen, phosphate, nitrite and pH levels and also investigating the range of freshwater invertebrates living in the wetlands. These wetlands are constructed to harvest and filter storm water before it makes its way into the Barwon River and on to the sea.

In the afternoon, it was hands-on weeding and planting; and identifying native frogs and the amazing number of bird species found at the sanctuary.

A healthy and diverse wetland helps to protect the marine environment from pollution further up the catchment.

Well done to all the Ambassadors from the Geelong region; keep up your great work!

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