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Geelong, Bellarine and Surfcoast ISIC Ambassadors had a fantastic day for their workshop aboard Moonraker Dolphin Swims!!  The Ambassadors had a fantastic time learning first-hand about why our marine environments are so special, how much fun it can be to passively interact with wildlife such as dolphins, stingrays and seals,  and the actions they can take to ensure a more positive future for our marine environments!  For some Ambassadors, this was their first snorkel, and they took to the water like little fish!  All of our Ambassadors sited dolphins and some were even lucky enough to swim right up close to these majestic creatures!


Ambassadors on the back of the boat waiting to jump in, and then hanging onto the rope watch the dolphins dance below them! 

The sun came out for our snorkel at Popes Eye Marine Park, near the entrance to Port Phillip, which is Victoria’s first marine reserve, protected since 1979! Popes Eye is an unfinished fort built in the late 1800s as part of a series of fortifications designed to protect Melbourne from potential enemy ships, and now serves as a habitat for a huge range of species!  Ambassadors were amazed at the sizes and numbers of resident fish, and now have a deeper understanding of the benefits of this long-term protection of our reef environment.

Ambassadors swimming in the clear and calm waters at Popes Eye and some very happy kids after their snorkel!

As always we are so inspired to watch the Ambassadors support each other to embrace new challenges, and the excited chatter all the way back to the pier reminded us that these experiences can be absolutely life-changing!  Thanks as always to the wonderful Torie and her excellent crew from the Moonraker, and to the teachers, parents and carers who make these sessions possible.

Ambassadors were so excited to tell their families and friends about their fantastic experience!

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