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The predicated rain did not arrive and the chilly wind did not dampen the excitement of our Ambassadors who began their Catchment Workshop with the Greenworks staff at the Namatjira Reserve Litter Trap to view the litter that flows through the storm drains. Ambassadors were shocked at the amount of litter that was lifted out via crane from the litter trap, and the huge costs involved in trapping, tipping and recycling the discarded litter!

Ambassadors also participated in a Healthy Waterways Workshop with a water pollution testing lesson, and a hunt for macroinvertebrates with a focus on their tolerance to pollution. Everyone had a great time sifting through the reeds and trying to identify native and nonnative species in the watershed.


After lunch we met at Mordialloc Pier and finished the day in the brilliant sunshine with a walk along Mordialloc Creek to the litter trap that catches rubbish flowing from inland. Ambassadors now have a better understanding of the importance of creek traps to stop the litter from entering our beautiful Port Phillip Bay! Thank you to our partners at the City of Kingston, and Jesse, Brendan, Aaron and Tony
from Greenworks who were so generous with their time! As always we are SO thankful to the ISIC teachers and parent/carers for transporting the Ambassadors to the workshop!