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Inaugural Research Fellowship

This week the Dolphin Research Institute (DRI) proudly announced its inaugural Research Fellowship Program.

This exciting opportunity is only possible because of DRI’s loyal supporters. They give us the confidence to invest in furthering the development of a young scientist and our knowledge of dolphins and whales in Victorian Waters.

DRI’s vision is to build a Fellowship program that supports education, behaviour change, environmental science, citizen science, communication, and journalism. Subject to funding, these programs could be 6-12 months long and overlap to provide continuity and an energetic and strong team. 

The Fellow will assist with fieldwork to collect photo-ID images and the painstaking task of sorting and analysis. 

They will also use some new technology we are developing with the help of a Masters IT intern from Melbourne University that uses Google Machine Learning to ID individual dolphins in images. 

We recently added the 200th individual to the Victorian humpback whale catalogue. The Fellow will also assist David Donnelly, our Research Officer, in identifying and cataloguing fluke images sent in by our growing Citizen Science network. 

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