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We had a fantastic time at Holy Spirit Primary School for our Peer Teaching Workshop on Friday! We were so happy to visit this region for the first time in a year and loved seeing all the excited faces as we arrived at school!
After teaching useful tips and tricks to effectively communicate, Mandy ran the Ambassadors through a series of fun marine conservation activities. The Ambassadors were amazed at the species living in their local waters and had some amazing ideas about the many actions we can all take to help the environment when they were learning how to teach the litter activity!
The Ambassadors practised teaching each other, and many started off very nervous but quickly gained the confidence to practice with and support their peers. The students did a brilliant job of teaching the younger class and had their audience’s rapt attention from start to finish!
Our Ambassadors embraced the spirit of leadership as they supported each other throughout the day! Thank you so much to Harry and Holy Spirit Primary School for hosting the workshop and as always to the wonderful teachers, parents and carers that transported Ambassadors to the workshop!