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Totally Wild came to DRI today to shoot a segment for an upcoming episode of the Network 10 program.

The focus was around the 50th humpback whale added to the Victorian Humpback Whale Catalogue.

Alana Loschenkohl, the niece of DRI’s David Donnelly, captured a photograph of the 50th whale during a trip with Wildlife Coast Cruises during the recent Island Whale Festival on Phillip Island.

Pictured are Nat Hunter, Alana and David.

The data collected through the Two Bays Whale Project helps our understanding of whale movements and supports environmental management in our Victorian waters. This also feeds into our education programs to enrich our stories and capacity to build community stewardship for our marine mammals and our local waters as a whole.

Please support our “100 Whales Appeal” to help us build on this important start.

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