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We had a fantastic Catchment Workshop at the stunning Namatjira Reserve this week! Our Ambassadors began with a discussion about storm water drains leading into the catchment to trap litter from flowing further into our waterways. Mandy explained the issues with the litter that is not caught in traps travelling down storm drains into our creeks and bays, highlighting yet again why reducing our waste is so important.  Ambassadors then participated in a Healthy Waterways Workshop starting with a water pollution testing lesson, and a hunt for aquatic macroinvertebrates to identify their pollution tolerance. Ambassadors were surprised to learn how important wetland filtration systems are to trap pollutants such as oil, grass clippings and the dangerous chemicals from our lawns.
After morning tea we conducted a Frog Identification session, where the different types of frogs help determine the water catchment condition, and the Ambassadors raced to identify different frogs by their calls. This was followed by a climate change game focusing on global emissions and alongside the huge volumes of waste and emissions created by food production.
We finished off with a litter collection and collected a huge amount of litter and we discussed the potential sources and solutions to the litter we collected.
We would like to thank our awesome partners at the City of Greater Dandenong, and of course the ISIC teachers and parent/carers for transporting the Ambassadors to the workshop.
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