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Asking the Right Questions

The sight of humpback whales and dolphins with wind turbines in the background will become a familiar sight off Victoria’s coast, but from the other perspective, with nine offshore wind farms proposed for our region (below).

Transitioning to a low-carbon economy is critical to combat climate change, and offshore wind energy generation is essential.

It is crucial, however, to ask the right questions to ensure that all the risks are understood and managed. This applies to all energy proposals proposed in our region, including gas.

What are the potential impacts during construction and operation for whales, dolphins and seabirds? What are the consequences to fishing and other human activities?

We believe there is an urgent need to expand our Two Bays Whale Project from the central region (Barwon Heads to Inverloch) to another seven sectors across Victoria’s coast (below) to maximise the available data well before decisions need to be made.

We will seek support from all proponents.