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Ambassadors were in for a real treat this week with a fabulous presentation from DRI’s own Field Research Officer David Donnelly during our ISICHAT session!  David wears many hats as a marine researcher with extensive experience in a range of scientific disciplines. He also oversees a variety of citizen science projects including the Two Bays Whale Project, and Killer Whales Australia on Facebook.

David thrilled our Ambassadors with stories of his many dolphins and whale encounters, and we all learned so much about the different dolphin and whale species! We also learned about particular locations and seasons for sighting dolphins and whales, alongside some of the issues these beautiful creatures face due to a changing climate and increasing human populations along our coasts.

The Ambassadors had some great questions for David, including how they can help our dolphins and whales!  One fantastic way to help raise awareness and contribute to whale (in winter) and dolphin (anytime) identification is to log your sightings with us at Podwatch on the following link:

Till next week Ambassadors, where we shall again make learning fun, and support each other through this challenging time while learning about the many actions that can be taken for a more positive environmental future!

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