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We loved reading all the stories sent in by our wonderful ISIC Ambassador schools for this year’s World Ocean Day! Lyndale Greens Primary School celebrated World Ocean Day over an entire week and we loved their story so much! Thanks as always to to Judith Sise for sending in the story below and the gorgeous pictures we are so thankful for your never-ending support for all of your ocean loving students! Thanks also to the fantastic students and teachers at Lyndale Greens who went to such a fabulous effort to celebrate World Ocean Day and to raise awareness about our precious marine environment 🙏🐬🐋
All students in Grades Prep to Grade 5 who attended science classes during Ocean Week participated in the drawing or collaging of a picture entitled “Under the Waves”. The pictures were displayed in the Science Room where all the students could enjoy them. The Science Captains have selected a winner for Prep/Grade 1, Grade 2/3 and Grade 4/5. All other students participated in selecting the most popular art piece by placing a BLUE SPOT on their choice.
David, an ISIC Marine Ambassador, presented daily to the students from Grade 3 to 6 during lunch eating time a short video on the Great Southern Reef from different human perspectives, i.e. a marine biologist, a scuba diver photographer, a swimmer, and a First Nation person. David said he would like to thanks to Mr. K for all the technical help thought the Ocean Week LG Live. He also thanked Mrs. Sise for supporting him all the way through. “It was definitely a new experience for me presenting to the whole school daily.”
Marine Ambassadors and Environment Leaders read a picture story book on the Ocean each day to students in Prep to Grade 2. Both the Leaders and the students enjoyed the experience.
Thank you to all the teachers who helped the Leaders during this week. The Leaders said how kind and supportive all the teachers were when they arrived to read.
All the student Leaders read the selected Library books to each other for a week to practice reading clearly and showing the pictures so that the younger students would enjoy the experience. They also made a crown to wear to highlight Ocean Week. Finally as part of Ocean Week, the Grade 6 students are completing their term’s study of the Great Southern Reef by preparing activities for the Grade 2 students who in turn are presenting a play on the life of an ocean shore bird, the Hooded Plover.
The Marine Ambassadors and Environmental Leaders hope that the students learnt more about the ocean and how everyone can play a part in protecting it. Marine Ambassadors (David, Roshan, Shivaani and Jasmine), Environment Leaders (Sehaj, Venuri, Angelina, Olivia, Adam, Jarvis, Amina and Zaniab)
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