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What a fantastic day to finish off our 2022 Peer Teaching Workshops at @pointlonsdaleprimaryschool! Mandy began the sessions by teaching the Ambassadors some useful tips and tricks for effective and engaging communication and then ran them through a series of ocean-related activities.
The Ambassadors loved learning about the local species and they had some amazing ideas about the actions we can take to help the environment! Jacqui then helped the Ambassadors practice by teaching each other, and many started off very nervous but quickly gained the confidence to practice with and support their peers. They all did a brilliant job of teaching the younger class and had their audience’s rapt attention from start to finish!
Our Ambassadors embraced the spirit of leadership as they supported each other throughout the workshop! Thank you so much to Point Lonsdale and St Margaret’s Primary Schools, and to Mitch from St Margaret’s for transporting Ambassadors to the workshop!!
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