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We had a fantastic day for our GEELONG ISIC Catchment Workshop at Balyang Sanctuary! We began our Healthy Waterways Workshop with a water pollution testing lesson and a hunt for macroinvertebrates to identify their pollution tolerance. Ambassadors were amazed to learn how important wetlands are to trap pollutants that cannot be caught in litter traps such as oil, and the toxic chemicals from our lawns.
With dark clouds on the horizon we headed to Holy Spirit School to continue the workshop. We conducted a frog identification session looking at how the presence and absence of different types of frogs help to determine the condition of a water catchment, and the Ambassadors raced each other to identify different frogs by their calls. We also played an engaging Climate change game focusing on the sources of food production, deforestation, and carbon emission issues around the globe. We finished with a litter collection around the school yard and discussed potential sources of the collected litter.
Thank you to our wonderful partners at the Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools, to Holy Spirit for hosting the afternoon session, and as always ISIC teachers and parent/carers for giving up their time and transporting the Ambassadors to this fantastic workshop!
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