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Ricketts Point is a marine sanctuary and its closeness to Melbourne makes it an ideal location to visit during Sea Week 2021! Ricketts Point is one of three marine sanctuaries in Port Phillip Bay and covers an area of 115 hectares. The sanctuary extends from Beaumaris to Black Rock, so there are plenty of places to explore. The most popular spot is near the Life Saving Club, which is visited by many groups throughout the year.

The high tide line and the rock platforms are definitely worth exploring. There are places along the beach where the wave action concentrates shells and seaweed. There are some shells found here that are not seen at other beaches. Remember that as this is a marine sanctuary you cannot remove shells to add to your collection.

As with all rock platforms, the best place to look for animals is close to the water’s edge. Ricketts Point is no exception, you just need to find areas of loose rocks to begin your search for animals. The gentle slope of the rock platform means that more of these areas are exposed on days with a good low tide.

When you are exploring these rocky areas there are a range of animals that you can find. Shore crabs are the obvious ones, but many types of sea stars including cushion sea stars, biscuit sea stars brittle sea stars and 11-arm sea stars can all be found. Sea urchins, anemones, elephant snails, decorator crabs, chitons and flatworms all share the same rocky areas and can also be found here. The lower the tide, the more extensive the area you have to explore and the wider the range of animals you may find.

You may be surprised to see swans at Ricketts Point. The extensive seagrass beds of the sanctuary make an ideal feeding spot for swans. Pelicans and other sea birds can also visit the area.

Ricketts Point is an ideal location to visit during Sea Week 2021!

If you would like to learn more about the huge diversity of life that can be found in the shallows along our shorelines please contact Education Director Mandy Robertson on


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