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We had fantastic sessions for our Melbourne Catchment Workshops this term!  Ambassadors began at Banyan Reserve, with Mandy explaining how storm water drain works with the slope and flow of the wetland to trap litter from flowing out to our beaches.  We then had a session with Melbourne Water at the Reserve’s Litter Trap where litter bags were lifted out to highlight the huge issues and costs associated with trash being washed down our drains from parks and streets!  Ambassadors conducted a Healthy Waterways Workshop with a water pollution testing lesson, and a hunt for aquatic macroinvertebrates focusing on pollution tolerance.

The first workshop saw sunny skies and we conducted a litter collect, sort and report session at Frankston Beach focusing on nurdles and how to report litter collections, however the wild weather closed in for our final workshop and we had to skip to our final activity with a walk along Kananook Creek to the closest litter trap.  Ambassadors were shocked that the closest trap was over 2 kilometres inland and the walk highlighted how much litter is discarded in this waterway, and the vital importance of  creek traps to stop the litter from entering Port Phillip Bay!

Thank you so much to Melbourne water, and as always to the fabulous ISIC teachers and parent/carers for transporting the Ambassadors to the workshop! If you are interested in joining our ISIC program, or booking a specific school program please contact the Education Team at DRI.

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