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We had a fabulous time with a small but enthusiastic group of Ambassadors for our Peer Teaching Workshop!  We began with some tips for effective communication, and then ran Ambassadors through some fun ocean-related activities about our local marine species, the issues they face, and how we can all act to protect our precious marine environment.

The Ambassadors practised teaching each other and supporting each other throughout the session! Ambassadors then became the teachers, and did a brilliant job of teaching the younger grades! The Ambassadors commented about being so nervous at the beginning of the session, and they were surprised how much fun they had teaching the activities! It is so inspiring to watch the Ambassadors gain the confidence so quickly to learn and effectively teach the younger students, and their support for each other was a pleasure to witness!

Thank you SO much to our wonderful partners at the City of Casey, to Harkaway for hosting, and as always to the wonderful ISIC teachers, parents and carers for transporting Ambassadors throughout the term, for without you these experiences would not be possible!

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