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Your support helps build a caring community

Dear Friend,

I want to share with you the joy of some wonderful achievements!

Our bay’s common dolphins are growing in numbers. We know this because David Donnelly, our Research Officer, used the COVID lockdown to complete the Port Phillip Common Dolphin Catalogue and it shows that since 2006 they have grown from about 12 to more than 70 animals! The 200th whale was also added to the Victorian Humpback Whale Catalogue.

Our i sea, i care School Ambassador Program received a joint national award for environmental education. Mandy Robertson, our Education Director, was awarded the Dame Phyllis Frost Award for Environmental Leadership. These are the second awards for both Mandy and our programs two years running!

Meet two of our champions. Mandy Robertson inspiring children. David Donnelly, our Research Officer, discussing whale migration for a video interview with a humpback whale in the background.

What impacts are achieved?   Our i sea, i care program helps schools communities achieve sustainability goals, and it changes the lives of the program’s 7,000 Ambassadors – some come back as university interns. Our research influences environmental management, directly protecting dolphins and whales in our waters.

Your support made these achievements possible – but we need to do more…  

An uncertain future with climate change and population growth require us to change and we welcome Mr Paul Ramadge as the new Chairman to help to shape our future. Paul has a diverse background, including Editor in Chief of the AGE, a Professorial Fellow at Monash University and other leadership roles. He wrote the following as part of a vision document:

“The joy that comes from caring for dolphins and whales is at the heart of DRI. So many of our volunteers and donors tell us that supporting DRI makes them happy. The same is true for the thousands of schoolchildren who take part in our education programs.”

“We know that a lot more needs to be done to fulfil our mission. Our plans focus on creating lasting impact to benefit dolphins and whales, their environment and the Victorian community. We plan to scale up field research and citizen science, and double our number of i sea, i care schools and education programs.”

Money raised through Adopt-A-Dolphin and our Appeal supports Research to answer crucial conservation questions, Education programs to develop the next generation of young leaders and scientists, and Leadership programs to change behaviours to reduce coastal pollution and influence decision-makers. All elements work together to protect our living marine treasures, especially our dolphins, whales and bays.

The gift of a membership to a family member, friend, colleague, teacher or other important people in your life, not only shows how much you care about them, but it also shows how much you care for the marine environment and its inhabitants. (It’s also a perfect gift to yourself).

Your support means everything to us at DRI and is critical to the protection of dolphins, whales and bays. There is no room for complacency, community concern for the environment has suffered this year along with so much else – but our vulnerability to the impacts of climate change and rapid population growth remain. That is why we are working harder than ever and why your support is so important.

PS: Join the heart of our organisation this Christmas – Adopt a Dolphin. Treat yourself or gift a family member, friend, teacher or colleague.