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With the Humpback migration in full swing and our fantastic Phillip Island Whale Festival happening very soon from 1-3 July, we wanted to repost these fabulous drawings created by the very talented and passionate conservationist Zev Landes! These drawings are a fantastic way to educate the community on how to identify whales and dolphins for all ages, and we love that they entertain whilst delivering an important conservation message.

Zev attended a Whale/Dolphin ID session at a previous Phillip Island Whale festival to see if it was worthwhile bringing his kids as they were quite young. He came back the very next day with his kids, and while he was listening, he was sketching. Mandy had a chat with Zev, and he told her about the images he had been working on, and then generously sent them to DRI to help us raise awareness. Mandy connected him up with the Island Festival organisers and he has designed and drawn this year’s festival mascots and he has various other projects on the go for the festival! Thank you so much Zev we absolutely love your artwork and look forward to seeing you at this year’s Island Whale Festival!