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A deeply engaging and interactive learning experience takes students on a journey through our precious marine habitats!

Our DRI Educators live and breathe ocean protection and your students will deeply engage with their stories about our precious marine habitats and species!

Touch the bones of the largest animals to have ever lived, hear humpback whales and dolphins sing, watch an octopus change its colour and texture, float with our amazing local seadragons,  watch dolphins and whales feed, and so much more.

Watch videos taken by our very own educators and researchers!

An authentic, real-world educational experience that will deeply engage students and equip them with the knowledge and empower them to take action to help protect our precious marine habitats. You can visit us at our amazing theatre at the DRI centre, or we can come to your classroom or camp!

Marine Treasures or Indoor Rockpool session 60 mins – $13 per student

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