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V-Nick May 2024 Update

V-Nick, fondly referred to as one of the “OGs” aka originals, is currently a super mum of five and was one of the first common dolphins we discovered in Port Phillip in 2005.

V-Nick is often seen on surveys in Port Phillip and was most recently seen in February 2024 with her newest calf in tow!

Since 2005, we have been able to keep track of most of her calves and watch them grow. We even tracked V-Nick’s first grand-calf, born in early 2023! This grand-calf belongs to Tally, V-Nick’s second known calf, born in 2012 (Below left). Thanks to the unique dorsal fins of dolphins, we have traced Tally from when she was just a calf herself up to now, when she has her own calf (Below Right).

V-Nicks newest calf, ‘Squiggly’ (Below), was also born in 2023 and is in fact younger than her grand-calf.

Whilst all of V-Nicks previous calves have seemingly been healthy, Squiggly got its name due to its ‘squiggly’ spine as a result of scoliosis. We have been able to see Squiggly’s entire body through the water as it has swum up next to our research vessel, giving us a clear view that Squiggly has scoliosis. We recently saw Squiggly with V-Nick in February and it seems to be coping well with its condition and can still keep up with its mum and the rest of the pod. V-Nick also seemed to be the doting mum we know and we are excited to see them both on future surveys.

You can read more about Squiggly’s condition here.