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We had a fantastic day for our Term 2 session Year 9 students from Padua College, with the session starting at the beautiful Narambi Wetlands where the students participated in a healthy waterways session which included a focus on climate change, testing a water sample, and identifying macroinvertebrates in the watershed and their pollution tolerance.
Then it was back to campus for a session on the wonderful world of seagrass! The students had a blast searching through the seagrass samples for macroinvertebrates! We found a diverse range of species including crabs, worms, isopods, shrimp and more! The students learned that this is also a great method used to test for the health of the seagrass habitat including searching for invasive species such as the Northern Pacific sea star, and species that may be sensitive, or tolerant to water pollution. Many commented that this was such a fun way to help the planet, and it was great to see them so engaged in their learning! If you would like to book a seagrass program or tailor a program to meet your school and student requirements please contact Education Director Mandy Robertson.