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We had a fantastic day in the last week of Term 3 on the Mordialloc foreshore for our Coastal Workshop! Ambassadors began the day with Jackson from the City of Kingston who demonstrated a mechanical litter collection and then discussed the issues with litter on the local beaches.
Ambassadors were surprised to learn this is not only and environmental issue but an economic one with the huge associated costs of equipment, staff and transport!  Then it was on to a planting session with the fabulous Adrian, Brendan, Elliot, Amy and Lauren from the City of Kingston who also discussed how important it is to replant the sand dune to provide habitat, and stabilize the dunes and reduce erosion.
We also had an amazing session with the fantastic Dean Stewart from ATEM who had the Ambassadors’ rapt attention as he talked about the indigenous history of the Kingston area and its first peoples and the amazing translations for local suburb names, and he finished with a brilliant show and tell with a range of indigenous artefacts.
Last but not least was a session with Russell and Mandy on dolphin identification skills and Ambassadors raced to identify some of our resident dolphins. We were so impressed with their identification skills and strategies. Ambassadors finished off with a Climate Change game to learn about the impacts of food production, and they were surprised to learn about the hidden carbon emission costs of local to global food production and transport.
Thank you so much to our wonderful partners at the City of Kingston and their staff who were so generous with their time, and of course to Dean Stewart for his wonderful session, and last but not least we are so grateful to the teachers and parent carers for transporting the Ambassadors to the workshop!
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