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ABOUT ‘i sea, i care’ COMMUNITIES

Discover why you should be a part of the ISIC community. 


  • Protecting the coastal and marine environments of the two bays area, particularly our resident dolphins and whales
  • Supporting other champion community members, organisations and businesses who protect our bays to create a strong and resilient community
  • Recognising that our actions on land impact our marine & coastal environments and the health of these ecosystems in turn affects our daily lives
  • Joining a new network of people who can support you, and allowing you the opportunity to influence previously unreached community members
  • Accessing accurate, evidence-based reliable information on our marine mammals and the state of the bays
  • Celebrated for the actions you have taken to protect the two bays, as your stories are featured and shared.


Our economy, tourism and recreation all rely on healthy coasts and bays. Protecting these ecosystems is beneficial for everybody in the community. Find out how marine pollution impacts humans here.

A future of extreme weather and population growth make it critical that we all do our bit to sustain our communities and safeguard our children’s futures

DRI is an evidence-driven; research, education and leadership organisation with over 20 years of experience in creating a long-term culture of caring for our bays, particularly through our award-winning ‘i sea, i care’ Ambassadors program. Discover more about the impact DRI has had HERE


  • Valuing and celebrating Victoria’s marine & coastal environment through highlighting and sharing stories from community heroes & our beloved dolphins and whales
  • Building relationships between different community groups & businesses who can share, learn and connect with each other.
  • Connecting with and encouraging behaviour change within ALL community members, even those who aren’t already environmentally conscience
  • Inspiring each other to take simple actions to look after our community within the Two Bays
  • Building a strong shared sense of past & present values and concerns for our coastal community; both environmental, economic and social, for a future we can be proud of


  • Taking simple actions
  • Reading and sharing the stories of fellow community heroes & supporting businesses
  • Sharing your own story and being featured on ISIC communities. Drop us a line HERE
  • Contacting DRI to further discuss how you, your organisation or your business can become an ISIC communities champion and influence a wider audience: HERE