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The weather really turned it on for our final workshop for the year with sunny skies and flat seas at Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary! Ambassadors began the day with the amazing Lionel from Living Culture, and everyone had a fantastic time learning about Australia’s rich indigenous cultural history! Lionel wowed Ambassadors with his deep knowledge of bush medicine, healing, and bush tucker, and he passed around some very special indigenous artefacts.
Ambassadors then participated in a Sand-Sort-Session searching through the sand for litter and trying to identify the item as well as potential sources and pathways to the beach. We had a great discussion about the issues, and solutions to the litter items identified and Ambassadors now have a greater understanding as to why REDUCE is the first solution to our marine debris problem.
We then enjoyed a barbecue and a discussion about the future as Ambassadors may be finishing their program with us this year but we are passionate about supporting their conservation journey going forward. Thank you SO much to our brilliant partners at Living Culture and as always our wonderful ISIC teachers and parent/carers for not only transporting Ambassadors to workshops but for their amazing support throughout the year. Without you this program would not be possible!
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