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Welcome to all of our ‘i sea, i care’ Ambassadors.

This page is for you. We want this to be the place you go to for any questions or ideas you have.

  • Use this website as much as you can. Look at workshop notices, show your parents. Comment on blog posts, even upload your own photos!
  • Push the campaign about reducing balloons
    • Try to meet at least once a fortnight to plan upcoming sessions or discuss ideas from workshops with your teacher co-ordinator
    • Talk about any ideas you may have about a new scheme at school eg. Nude food, litter survey or duty, recycling bins.
  • We want you to think about presenting the peer teaching activities outside your own school, maybe Kinder or another primary school that’s not in the program. Also if you or your school has a contact with a retirement village or seniors group, this would be a good opportunity too.
  • See if you can have a noticeboard space that you can take ownership of and display things each term.
  • Ask to have a regular spot at Assembly where you talk about what you have done or an event you have organised that is coming up to promote the marine environment.

In the past – Ambassadors have written songs and performed them with the whole school

  • They have also written and performed plays, with the help of junior students
  • A few schools have done a news style report
  • Written articles about the program for their school newsletter or even local newspapers
  • Made a wall display of marine animals and then stuck plastic bags and rubbish to it. As their school increased recycling and reduced the rubbish in lunch boxes, plastic was slowly removed from the wall, with the hope that it would all come down.
  • Some schools have chosen one of the workshops attended by the Ambassadors as a whole Grade excursion, with the Ambassadors leading it. Example is the Catchment workshop.

Go to the ‘i sea, i care’ Gallery page to upload the latest Ambassador things you’ve been doing!

Your parents can find out more about the Ambassador program at their own page here.