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For our third presentation, we were thrilled to have Fam Charko who is a Marine biologist, and the Volunteers Coordinator at the EcoCentre. Fam presented on invasive species and in particular identification of a species that is the target of a current community project she is overseeing to address the impacts of the Northern Pacific Seastar (NPS) in our local waters called the Community Rapid Response Teams – Marine Pests.
The Ambassadors were so happy to hear that they were able to take action to help detect infestations of NPS and many were eager to sign their families up to learn more about this species and help protect their local environment. If you would like to be involved head to the Ecocentre socials or contact Fam directly via the Ecocentre website or contact Mandy and Jacqui at DRI. Thank you SO much, Fam for taking the time out of your busy day to talk to our Ambassadors!
A recording of this session has been sent to your parents/carers and will be posted on the DRI website very soon.