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Education Officer Jess Lazarus presented an information stand at the recent Doveton Show. Jess was told by a pleased grandparent that … “the kids loved it, especially what the dolphins eat”!

The new secret touch ‘n’ feel boxes were a huge hit with children. One box was set up with dolphin food and one with platypus food. Children were challenged to find the animals’ food amongst all the rubbish! Children really loved this, and spent a lot of time trying to find the ‘real’ food. It allowed for many of the parents and carers to be involved in the discussion of the issues with rubbish in our waterways and how many of the local waterways in the City of Casey link to Western Port.

The display table had many ‘beachcombing treasures’ from the sea. Some residents said that they had not been to the beach since arriving in Australia. This was a great way to allow them to ask questions, touch shells and sponges and learn about the issues with litter in their local area. The dolphin skull and shark jaw were also a hit with adults and children.

December, 2015

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