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Have your say……. win prizes!

For a bit of fun we have found some bay residents in the Magpie and West Coast colours — and we want you to pick a winner!

Magpie Perches are found around southern Australia, mainly in Victorian and South Australian waters. (We don’t talk about the ones that visit WA!). They feed by sucking worms and bugs from bottom sediments and algae. Of course they have black and white stripes!

The West Coast Nudibranchs (Actually Verco’s nudibranch) are also found along the southern Australian coast (for this event, we’ll let them have a strong WA presence). They feed on tiny animals called bryozoans. Of course they have the West Coast colours.

Some nudibranchs have poisons that can kill fish – so who’s going to win on the day is your guess ……

Vote for your team for a chance to win a Adopt-a-Dolphin membership or DRI merchandise pack!

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