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What a great start the ‘i sea, i care’ Ambassadors from twelve schools in the Casey region had this year. Aboard the Wildlife Coast Cruises ‘Kasey Lee’ on a perfect day to see the seals in Western Port, one Ambassador summed it up simply as… “This is so cool!!” (Thanks, Hunter from Rangebank Primary School).

With smiles all round, even from the first-time sailors, the Casey Ambassadors began to feel what it means to be chosen to be an Ambassador. Many photos were taken and questions asked about the seals; how long do they live, how big do they grow, what are their biggest threats and what can we do?  Mika from Wildlife Coast Cruises praised the young Ambassadors for their very pertinent and thoughtful questions.

The trip on the Kasey Lee is just the start for the Casey Ambassadors. Next year they will be expanding their skills and knowledge through workshops in such things as peer teaching and coastal management.

All of this is part of the Dolphin Research Institute’s commitment to our dolphins and our bays. And these young Ambassadors are the future of our dolphins and our bays.

Thanks as always to the wonderful Mika, John, Captain Brett and all the crew on the Kasey Lee. Also it was great to have Mandy Munro and Shantelle Carreras from the City of Casey aboard as well; they saw first-hand how enthusiastic these brand new Ambassadors are – and what a force they can be in the future. Thanks also to the teachers and support people who get the whole thing happening for these young, and so terribly keen, future marine Ambassadors.

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