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The identification of the 50th individual humpback whale in our waters marks an important milestone in our understanding of these majestic creatures.

We have been documenting large whale movements in the Port Phillip and Western Port region since 2001 but have only recently started cataloging humpback whale flukes as part of the national humpback whale fluke collective.

Individual humpback whales can be identified using photographs of the unique black and white patterning found on the underside of the fluke, also known as the tail.

This year, it is expected that up to 26,000 humpback whales will make the northerly migration along Australia’s east coast to the calving grounds…a far cry from the post whaling population estimate of around 200.

Little is known about the migration of humpback whales along Victoria’s south coast but with interest growing and the ongoing work of the Two Bays Whale Project, it is hoped that we may soon be able to unlock some of the secrets of these magnificent winter visitors.




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