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This is something different that you can all do in lockdown while helping to raise awareness for the environment! The Threatened Species Bake Off involves baking a dessert in the shape of a threatened species to commemorate Threatened Species Day on 7th September. The Bake Off aims to raise awareness about our amazing and unique threatened wildlife. This year the focus is on ecosystem engineers and the vital role they play in Australia’s terrestrial and aquatic environments! This is a great excuse to celebrate our diverse range of threatened ecosystem engineers!
We cannot wait to see your creations!! This is yet another example of how helping the planet can be so much fun!
Stay tuned as the Education Team has some great ideas about how you can help our threatened species in the lead up to Threatened Species day on the 7th of September!
For information on how to participate please head to the following link:…/commissioner/tsbakeoff…

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