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We had another fantastic ICHAT session with our Marine Ambassadors yesterday after school discussing Fast Fashion and the huge amount of waste created by the fashion industry!

Ambassadors were shocked to hear that 35 tonnes of clothing are thrown away every hour in Australia!

As our young Ambassadors are growing and constantly need new clothes this topic is particularly relevant!  We are passionate about empowering our Ambassadors to feel that they can take positive actions to help the environment!  There are so many ways they can help such as researching sustainable fashion retailers at to recycling their clothes with organisations such as Upparel, H+M, Zara, and Rebel Sports, there are just so many actions big and small that we can all take to help reduce our clothing waste!

Mandy chats about the importance of buying second-hand clothes


Ambassadors learned about the importance of having a “Circular Economy” 

The session was a great hit with the Ambassadors and they had so many excellent questions!  If you missed any of our ICHATS, do not fear we recorded them! Please contact Mandy at to have a copy of any of our sessions!

We cannot wait for our next ICHAT sessions which consist of a 4-day program starting Monday the 16th of August for National Science Week where we chat with some absolutely amazing people that study, volunteer, and work in marine conservation!  Details and links will be emailed out to Ambassador parents/carers next week.

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