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We had an absolutely fantastic ISICHAT session yesterday with presentations from some of our Ambassadors,  which ranged broadly in terms of both content and style.  We had such a great time, not knowing what the Ambassadors were going to present next!

Cuttlefish presented on the Australian Giant Cuttlefish and he wowed the Ambassadors with some amazing facts about these incredible animals.  Sea dolphin gave a great presentation on the issue of plastic on our oceans and she had some great tips for Ambassadors to reduce their use of plastics!

Snubfin Dolphin told us about her campaign  BYEBYBOTTLE to get rid of bottles and she has a website, here is the link so you can look and she has a letter to sign (like a petition) that is for the companies still making plastic!
Mako Shark is also creating a calendar as a fundraiser! Threatened Species and Australian Animals, not necessarily mutually exclusive!!  He presented one of his paintings, this one was a beautiful Blue Whale, and we are very keen to promote it around this network! It’s still in the production phase and when it is ready, Mandy will email you all details of how to order a copy. We can’t wait to buy copies for our families and friends!
We have another session next week, looking at The circular concept of Repair!! So as well as some thoughts from Mandy and Jacqui,  we are encouraging all ambassadors that attend live, to show and tell something that has been repaired in their home. It doesn’t have to be an in-house repair, just something that has been fixed to extend its life.
PLUS, if any ambassador was planning on presenting yesterday but couldn’t make it, we can do that on Wednesday too!!
As always Mandy will email a link to this video for those Ambassadors that missed the session and we can’t wait to see you next week!


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