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With the ease of restrictions, the Education Team were so excited to finally continue with our site visits!!  This week Mandy, Russell and Jacqui headed out to research additional seagrass locations for our I SEA I CARE Workshops, alongside a range other education programs, and to compare the invertebrate abundance and diversity within and across locations!  These seagrass site visits also allow us to monitor the health of the seagrass, and they are a great excuse for Mandy and Jacqui to pop in for a snorkel!

We also conducted a visual survey of a seagrass collection at the new locations and had a great time studying a diversity of life living within our seagrass samples!

Amongst the many beautiful creatures floating around just under the water’s surface, we found these adorable baby seahorses! At one stage we had to dive under them so as not to disturb them as they floated along clinging to seagrass shoots!

We finished off our location visits with a return to Jacks Beach Reserve in Bittern at the edge of Warringine Park, to film a workshop for our 2020 Ambassadors with Gerard from the Mornington Peninsula Shire. Gerard talked about why this place is so special, the invasive plants that previous ISIC Ambassadors have helped to control along the track in the picture below, and some special native plants that proved quite tasty!!!

If you are interested in any of these educational programs for the holidays or when school returns in 2021 please contact Education Director Mandy Robertson at

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